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Hi all,
I have read through the other incidents. I was lucky in that i was facing my condo building when I looked down and all the fuel was pouring out. I had just got done being a little sporty with the bike.

Now the question....My service guy(unaware of the common problem) simply reattached the fuel line to the fuel pump and sent me on my way. I didn't think anything of it and hadn't read about this problem as of yet.

The bike lost some power I believe. It seems to be softer in the mid and the most telling thing, if i sat upright before, and gave it full throttle in first gear the front tire would come up hard enough to flip over without a correction. Now the wheel doesn't come off the ground unless I work it a little and then just barely.

Should the fuel pump have been replaced? Is it possible that incident cause the pump to not work as strongly or something else related?

I asked the service tech to look into it as well.

FYI the bike has the up map and termi.
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