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Aftermarket handlebar cross brace

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Does anyone know the specs for adding a handlebar cross-brace to (any of) the Scramblers?

The EOM one is, as usual, a rip off and I'd want one in black anyway:

Genuine Ducati Scrambler Handlebar Cross Brace 96280191A | eBay

Figure this is a generic part and they have been around for all kinds of bikes for a while. Curious if anyone here has fitted one and if you could post link to where to buy with specs.

Thanks in advance!
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Any 7/8" (22mm) cross brace that's the right length should work. What do you have in mind though? Renthal ones cost more than the OEM in this case.
For me, it's strictly aesthetic so need a black metal bar that won't rust/doesn't way a ton and can clamp to the stock FT bars. I'd just spray bomb it matte black if it's not the right color either way.

Knowing that it's 7/8, then I guess the unknown for me would be the width of the FT bars where the x-brace would sit (since I don't have the bike yet but am buying parts). Anyone know?

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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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