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A nice on board video

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Ducati Scrambler 2014 - Ride test: http://youtu.be/37jTSnZat6s

Good music and good on board video
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:( Got taken down because of copyright infringement. Any idea where else we might be able to watch the video.
I have no idea why? Although it was in French it seemed no different to any other review.
By my guess, if this is how fast it was taken down, chances are we may never see it online for an extended period of time till it's allowed up officially.
The video is back on YouTube ! Enjoy!!
The video is back on YouTube ! Enjoy!!
Awesome, thanks, time to have a look at it :D
Sorry but all I could hear was the awful music :eek:
Why do people put up videos with bike then spoil them with music soundtracks? No everyone has the same tastes, the soundtrack is better left off IMO.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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