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A Much Better Scrambler First Ride...

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Surprisingly they actually speak about the bike, GASP! >:D

First Ride: The Ducati Scrambler Is An Amazingly Fun Bike For All Riders

Readout could be a small problem...

. A single, round LCD gauge is offset to the right, with all the usual info – speed, exterior temp, trips, etc. – and a rev-counter at the bottom. That's the only thing I'd change. Ducati says it's in keeping with the style of the '70s, but it's too small to see at a glance and swings clockwise – which just looks weird.
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Just like to point out, that on both reviews, both riders had full face helmets, going back to an early thread, Full or Open face helmet.

I don't want to be a jerk to those who disagree, but I think any experienced rider would never want to ride without a full face helmet. I'd honestly probably rather be dead than to have my entire face crushed in an accident, and I think people who wear half or even 3/4 face helmets have never been close to someone who has died from inadequate helmet protection. Unfortunately, I have, so a full face is the only option for me and my (very infrequent) passengers. You know what feels better than the air rushing over your face? Being alive.
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