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Hi all, new to the forum but I am putting together a 68 Ducati 350 Scrambler. I live in Midwest USA so parts/manuals/knowledge is sort of hard to come by.

I figure I would just use this single forum to post any questions/comments or create a separate forum for different things.

Anyway, I have it all cleaned up and painted and I am putting it back together now. I believe the black wire coming from the points cover just connects to ground, correct? I can't see where else it would go.

I'm also wondering about an orange wire inside the headlight bucket. It seems I have just about everything else wired up. If you're looking into the headlight bucket, there is an orange wire on the bottom left side. It comes from the top switch, through a fuse, but that's it. I can't figure out where to connect it from there. On the wiring schematic I have, it looks like it goes to another fuse but I can't physically find it. Any help would be appreciated :) I'm also happy to answer any clarifying questions or post photos if that helps.
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