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3 New Exhaust Options Italian Manufacturer, Spark

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I Just heard from the Spark distributor here in the states...

They added 3 official Spark scrambler exhaust variants to their site - JUST TODAY - and the are taking orders. Here are some pics...

The first is the one I just ordered, middle of the price range at $550 shipped - US.

The second is the most expensive @ $999 US

And the 3rd the cheapest @ $450 US.

All models come with removable "DB Killers". Shipping is 4 - 6 weeks.

All are scrambler-specific, no permanent modifications required.

Here's a LINK to the US distributor's page. scroll to the bottom...


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i like the 2nd one the best.
But somehow there should be a heatshield ... cause the pipes look a bit strange when partii've wirten spark and asked them allready
if they got a soundfile.

but they just started work again yesterday, after their italian holiday ... so i guess it takes a while until i get an answer.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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