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2016 Urban Enduro or 2017 Full Throttle

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Hey - first time here. Looking for some advice between the two bikes.

Selling my Yamaha MT07 and looking to get into the Ducati Scrambler scene. Love the look of the bikes and the history.

located in Denver, there are two bikes that caught my eye - Urban Enduro and Full Throttle.

Both going around $8k each.

UE Has some upgrades and about 9k miles. Just had the desmo tune up as well.

The FT has about 4500 miles, some Upgrades as well, and just the basic tune up (not the desmo).

few questions:
  • thoughts from moving to a MT to a Scrambler? If someone has - what was your experience?
  • price on bikes? Expensive? Or good?
  • what’s the difference between the two? Just looks?

Anything else to think about when I go check them out this afternoon?

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Hi there.
I have a 2016 FT from new with several upgrades, but from my perspective:
FT bars are lower so less wind blast
FT Termi exhaust (twin cans) sounds better than the single can

everything else is cosmetic.
I’ve not had an MT07 but the best improvements I made were to change the suspension ( loads about the options on the forum but whichever you choose will be an improvement. Basic set up is very soft.
Secondly when you change your chain go down from a 46T rear to a 44T. Makes the world of difference and stops you hunting for the 7th gear- unless you normally keep your revs high in which case stay as is.
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