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Standing in “The Land of Joy,” a makeshift beach party Ducati set up inside the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, California, to serve as its central command post for the 2015 Scrambler launch (the first time a new Ducati model has been introduced Stateside), it was quickly apparent this wouldn’t be like any prior Ducati launch.

Instead of racetracks, engine schematics and suspension diagrams, videos of international launch parties, camping trips and surf adventures were playing on the screen. In this age of wearing skinny jeans, riding skateboards and drinking IPAs, Ducati is hoping the Scrambler will be an icon for an entirely new generation of riders less concerned about performance and more interested in individuality, personalization and fun.

In fact, during the “technical” presentation, its Monster 796-sourced, 803cc, two-valve, air-cooled V-Twin was only mentioned in passing. The fact the Desmodue engine utilizes an 11-degree valve overlap for optimal low and mid-range torque wasn’t muttered very loudly either. The single 330mm front brake disc and accompanying radial-mount four-piston Brembo caliper were given a little attention, considering its sporting roots, but that was mainly it.

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