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200 miles

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Rode first 100 miles in rain/mist/fog. Man these tires are sweet -- they hold big time. The brakes are spot on as well; confidence inspiring-- my first ABS experience is positive. Used 25 lb. fishing line to remove decals on side panels and fork reflectors. Goof Off did the trick for removing residual adhesive. Replaced side panels without incident. Lubed chain after the wet weather. A chain lube system is on my list but not an immediate priority. Not a fan of the grips and I'd like a black bar with a cross-bar (that's next on my list). The seat is slowly breaking in. I plan on adding anti-heat tape under my seat. Nuts aren't burnet but they are toasted (seems like a simple enough solution). Velcro mounted iPASS transmitter (toll payment) in the small storage bin under seat. Speaking of velcro, I may velcro my decals on the side panels.

Look forward to finishing engine break-in so I can really get on her. :D

My gear has performed well too (Arai XD4 helmet, Off the Chain 2.0 jacket, Kriega R20 backpack). Anyhow. Hope everyone is enjoying some decent weather.



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@PeteI Heat resistant tape (same stuff used by HVAC installers). You can find it at Home Depot or Amazon, etc.
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ipass is working fine under the seat thus far. not sure on powder coating costs.
with velcro, i can switch the decals between different side panels. no other reason. more flexibility.
Thanks @outofthebox ! Let us know how it works.
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