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2-1 full system by QD Exhaust

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Hey Guys!

This is my new Scrambler Urban Enduro. Just finished some small modifications. What do you think? ;)

Cheers Chris


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Wow very nice!!

I was expecting for an alternative to the SC Project high exhaust, and this could be the one since it has EU homologation! Also the pipe's route is good (far from the ground :nerd:), just like the Zard one.

I checked the website, the italian version says it is available also in a black version... I'll get in touch with them to check it's a ceramic coating and it's applied to both pipe and exhaust.

If I'm not rude... cost for the full system???

Thank you so much for sharing the pic!
you are welcome :) Yes it's a ceramic coating they are offering! The price for the version from my picture is 1.110 EUR (incl. 19% german tax). Another argument for the QD is the performance :) We have compares the stock exhaust, 2-1 SC high mounted and the 2-1 QD - both 2-1 system in homologated condition's, we have not removed the baffles etc. Here is a picture of the performance chart. All runs were made with the stock ECU! An upgraded mapping for my 2-1 QD will follows by RexXer in a couple of weeks. Then we will also fix the area around 5000-5600 RPM. They already got 80 HP out of the Scrambler with stock exhaust, only by the mappings. I think with my 2-1 I can expect a good outcome!

Red graph = Stock Exhaust
Blue graph = SC Project 2-1 full system, high mounted
Green graph = QD Exhaust 2-1 full system, high mounted
Now that's a report! Thank you Desmotwinrider ;)

I was quoted € 1.300 for the SC high exhaust with ceramic coating, so the price is almost the same since the normal version is listed to € 1.100 more or less.

Yeah during first service my dealer's mechanic told me that is possible to add 5 hp with just a remap of the original system, since the OEM configuration is really "closed" in order to comply to emissions regulations...

What about the heating of the QD complete? My main concern about the original exhaust is the burning-attitude of the bike lol :eek:. Therefore I'm interested in removing the cat and ceramic coating, which both QD and SC solutions provide (even if QD has a removable cat while the SC just doesn't have it).

Enjoy that beauty mate, great looking bike!
Yeah you're right, in my understanding the SC is homologated only in terms of decibel, while it is not in terms of emissions (TBC off course, I'm not sure whether the SC has a cat into the full exhaust).

Not sure about this but it should become a sort of Euro 0 (for non european guys, it's the EU emission regulation so mortorcycles are enlisted in Euro 0-1-2-3, being 0 the most polluting vehicle) with a DB-homologated exhaust.

Well at least this happened with my previous bike, which had the cat into the exhaust and changing it with a SC slip-on I removed it.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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