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Originally Posted by soakes View Post
I was pushing my scrambler backwards through a door way (always a slightly tricky manouvre due to the fact that the handlebars don't fit) when the right foot peg hit the side of the doorway and snapped off.

My first thought was that it was a pretty pissweak peg to snap so easily like that. Any opinions on that? It didn't hit very hard at all.

My second thought was that I would have to ride to work with just a stump for a foot peg.

My third thought occurred too late (when I was nearly at work) and that was that I could just swap the pillion foot peg over to replace the main one.

I am going to take the bike back to the dealer next week for its first service, so I'll get a replacement then.

I managed to get the pillion foot peg on but (and finally here comes my question) I could not get the spring into place. Does anyone know how to put the spring in place and keep it there long enough while you push the peg in and replace the pin?!
This is tricky business, it just takes some practice :/.You can also hold it in place with an allen key or screwdriver through the peg if you think that might help.
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